EDUF Newsletter, January 2008

EDUF Newsletter
January, 2008

Greetings Friends and Colleagues!

Thanks for your prayers during our triple by-pass heart surgery of last September 21.  God is good and the healing continues.  It seems that God may want us to hang around this old world a bit longer.  If so, we plan to continue in his Grace and Love.  We have enjoyed this past Christmas having visited our three children and their families in South Carolina, Texas and California.  Next year we hope they will come to Indiana.  The New Year is off to a roaring start and we wish you the best as you enjoy the journey with Him.

EDUF had and great year during 2007.  I trust that by now you are visiting the website regularly at  There you will find updates regarding all the activities of EDUF.  As a way of praise I want to mention a few things here to highlight what God is doing.  You will remember the areas of focus for EDUF:  Prayer, W&W, Library Development, Human Resources, Finances and Creative Academics.  We can joyfully say that we have done something to touch all of these in some way even though with some more that others.  We praise God for answering prayer in ways too numerous to list.  But great strides continue at NTTCCA, ANC as the multi purpose building is now usable, the development of the Consortium in Swaziland and we could go on.  The education trip guided by Frank and Sylvia Ruckman has resulted directly for NTCCA in one of the team members returning to Malawi to assist with the library work and a sizable anonymous gift for the library and training there.  We look forward to the report from EDUF member Paulette Witten when she returns.  Also Heather Bryant has initiated a proposal that we hope will still be used as a Human Resources tool later.

The first EDUF project was completed and the second is now under way in Belize.  Please continue to network in recruiting WW teams for this project.  We do still need teams for May, June, July and August.  The foundation is now completed and the first WW team will be arriving there on February 9.  The second team will arrive of February 23 and the third team will arrive on March 24.  Mr. Paul Krueger arrived there this week to coordinate the building project.  

Several thousand dollars have already been sent to Africa for scholarships and endowment investments for the future.  Specific information about these can be found on the EDUF website (see above).  At the same time we continue to develop the operating capital of EDUF so that more projects may be developed in order to create even more resources for scholarships, endowments and projects this next year and beyond.

It is time for each EDUF Chapter to be planning for its next promotional meeting.  The Florida Chapter will be meeting on March 8.  Please be in touch with Frank Hallum, Managing Partner, if you are interested in attending that meeting.  We still have a goal of establishing other chapters in the near future.  Please contact me if you are interested in establishing a chapter.  This is a great way of spreading the “doctrine of EDUF”.  We can form a chapter with 15 or more members.
Wouldn’t it be great to have over a $1,000,000 in EDUF by the end of this year 2008, the Centennial year for the Church of the Nazarene?  It is definitely possible!

Peter Ken Walker