October 2006 

AEP Newsletter
October, 2006

I could not believe that it had been six months since sending you an update on AEP.  Life has been moving very fast for us.  You have heard the word of Linda’s great loss of her parents.  It was a loss to her family but gain, of course, to heaven.  Thanks for all your prayers, cards and messages of love and concern.  Linda is doing well as she and her siblings continue to finalize the affairs of her parents.  I have been traveling here and there speaking on home assignment tours and at Faith Promise Conventions.  I have also traveled to Costa Rica and Trinidad for Mission Reviews of two of our colleges…one on the MAC region and one on the Caribbean region.  Both institutions are doing well and have bold plans for the future.  We recently met with the Caribbean RCOSAC (Regional Course of Studies Advisory Committee).  We met with 10 of the top education leaders of the region and it was encouraging.  We were graciously hosted by the Redland Church of the Nazarene.  Besides these activities we have been continuing to work on getting Education Development United (EDU) Foundation organized and working which will be covered as a separate issue.  Let me summarize briefly a few issues that you should know and be in prayer about. 

Special Prayer Requests

Personal:  As I write this newsletter, I am setting on my bed in a hospital in Dalhart, TX waiting to see if I will need abdominal surgery for a bowel blockage that a CAT scan has revealed.  So, pray for me that the doctors will know the best plan of action and that most of all God’s will may prevail.  We have always prayed that way and want it more than life itself. 

Africa:  The greatest need for prayer is for the new Principal of NTCCA, Rev Cosmos Mutowa.  He has replaced Rev Samuel Daka who has had charges brought against him that seem to be substantiated.  This is another one of those great disappointments of our missionary work.  However, while trying to be reconciling to those who disappoint us, we must keep focused on those who are faithful.

Another concern for prayer is the financial pressure on the Technical College at Arthurseat.  The cost of running the mission on which it is located is requiring additional costs that the school does not have at present.  Also, the cost of keeping the institution running as a private school near similar government institutions becomes challenging. Just pray for Rev and Mrs Timothy Mogorosi that God will continue to give clear leadership and strength for the task.

Africa Education Report

     Rev Filimao Chambo has sent me a brief report on happenings in education in Africa.  ANU continues the construction of its Helstrom Center, a multi-purpose building that will change the entire campus….providing additional classrooms, offices and an auditorium that will seat over 2400. Their enrollment continues to climb as it has now reached over 1000 enrolled.  Recently it hosted the annual East Field Holiness Conference.  Several of our educators were guest speakers for the conference….Rev Filimao Chambo, Regional Education Coordinator, and Mashangu Maluleka, Principal of NTC.

     NTCCA still needs the library completed and there is interest that is developing in the form of a Work and Witness team from another source besides AEP.  We praise the Lord for this.

     The Working Committees continue their involvement to bring NCT, NCE and NCN in Swaziland into a Consortium with an eye on a university in the future.  According to Sharon Bull NCT has one of the better libraries for the church in Africa. (See her report)
     SNM of Mozambique continues toward its goal of preparing more trained pastors as well as working toward upgrading to degree level in the future.  Enrollment remains strong.

     NTC of South Africa continues to have worrying low enrollment but increases it distance education efforts with higher enrollment.  NTC continues to search for its effectiveness within the changing SA government education system.

Sharon Bull’s “Library Evaluation and Workshops in Africa”.

     Sharon made her planned trip to Africa and she has written a good report for us.  We will be getting this too you soon.  Sharon was inspired by what she saw and wants to continue to stay involved….securing appropriate books, securing computers for the libraries, work with further library projects regarding needs/recommendations for libraries and additional training.  Again, feel free to be in direct contact with Sharon if this is your area of interest.  Her email address is

Education Development United (EDU) Foundation

     Good progress is being made in getting EDUF established and operating.  An organizational meeting was held in the home of Karen Van Den Berg, EDUF Secretary, in September.  Six of us met to review the constitution, registration, choosing a logo, discussion of ways forward to promote projects, etc.  All of this will be presented in your next AEP/EDU Chapter meeting.
      EDUF Constitution:  With the great assistance of Dr Ted Esselstyn we have written our constitution, reviewed it and presented it to the attorney for registration.  Again, you will receive a copy of this constitution at an AEP/EDU Partnership meeting.  The constitution includes the provision of membership of Chapters and their purposes.
          Officers Established:  For EDUF to be registered we needed to list the names of the officers.  These and their duties are spelled out in the Constitution but I would like to list their names here with a very brief indication of their background for you.
          Mark Wheeler, President, MBA and works for NNU in Univ Advancement
          Dr Ted Esselstyn, V. P. former Africa Regional Education Coordinator for 21 years
          Karen Van Den Berg, Sec, worked many years at colleges and universities in TN
          Frank Hallum, Treasurer, CPA, 15 years in banking and 13 years at Credit Union

In addition to the officers the following are members of the EDUF Board of Trustees:

          Rich Crow, Director of Building Projects
          Steve Denby, Managing Partner of the Florida Chapter, Skills USA CEO for years
          Frank Ruckman, Managing Partner of Tennessee Chapter, Educator for 40 years
          Hal Cauthron, Chairman of the Department of Religion at SNU and 8 yrs in Africa

All Managing Partners of Chapters are a part of the Board and so additional members will be added to the board when new partner chapters are organized.  For your information the Alabama Chapter has not yet really been structured.  Additionally, Sharon Bull is asking to promote a Chapter in Idaho.  An Idaho Chapter should have a good acceptance since our EDUF President is there along with other former missionaries that have served in Africa and many that have been on W&W teams to Africa.

Registration by Attorney

     The Constitution and instructions have been given to the attorney Jim Selle of Missouri.  The EDUF will be registered in the state of Missouri but our address will be in Titusville, FL, the address of our Treasurer, as he will need to receive information from IRS as well as handle receipts of donations, etc.  We should have our initial registration within a couple of weeks and be able to set up banking arrangements then. 


First “gift” designated for establishing EDUF

     The first “gift” to EDUF has been received.  It is $150,000 for the purpose of setting up EDUF including registration, creating a logo and brochures, creating a website, researching other organizations that might help us such as Habitat for Humanity and finally, to fund the first building project.  An additional $300,000 has been pledged to match any other funds we may raise or create with projects….$1 matched for $1.  This would be an excellent time for AEF/EDUF partners to step up to the plate with involvement.   Do you know of those who would be interested in helping us match these funds?

Trip to Africa
     Plans continue toward our planned trip to Africa in July 17-31, 2007.  Dr Frank Ruckman has gotten quotes.  You can be a part of this trip for approximately $3,500.  This trip will include visiting all of our educational institutions in Africa (South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya), a couple of days in Kruger National Park and at least a day in a national park in Kenya.  Please be in touch with Frank at

Future Meetings
     Well, as you can see we are busy and God is blessing.  It is time to plan your next Chapter meetings.  We have lots to discuss and work toward.  I would encourage each chapter to schedule another meeting during November, 2006 or February, 2007. 

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