PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER-CAMP HM(Christian Africa Mission Project)

Hilbert Miller, Pennsylvania Managing Partner

Also known as:



875-B Menno Village

Chambersburg, PA 17201





We are working a mini-focus plan for the Scholarship funding of ministerial students especially in RSA, Swaziland, and Malawi.


We NOW have a Board of Directors who serve as ex Ex Officio members composed of Herbert Miller, CEO, Sadie as COO, Bruce Tyndal, Treasurer, and Ferman Wright.  We are all involved in outreach toward involving new members and partnering with churches.


Our Personell:  

Mr. John Sweetzer is our summer volunteer intern who is rebuilding our CAMPHM Website and is expected to assist with web matters on into next College year while he studies at BIC College, Messiah. He is co-opted to meet with our board in monthly sessions this summer. We anticipate his continuing to manage web and online promotions during the upcoming school years. Our website is: www.CAMPH.COM


Ž Report From Nov. 15th 2012.

Our Pennsylvania Chapter first event opened with four denominations and five local churches represented. We are extremely grateful for such a broad base attendance.

Events and response concerning EDUFoundation first Pennsylvania Chapter:

Phyllis Westerfield prepared and we enjoyed an attractive table with an array of colorful food and drink.

Rev. Hilbert Miller presented the challenging need for scholarship funds and demonstrated how we may greatly help from contributing to Men Who Sharpen Men as Iron Sharpens Iron (Prov 27:17).  Too many men who might be sharpeners of (Pastor/Teachers) other men become pastoral student dropouts due to their shortage, the family shortage and an institutional shortage of funds.  Our fund raising for scholarships will reduce this dropout rate and multiply the kingdom through producing more men and women who can sharpen other men and women as they become iron sharpening iron as the file hones a knife.

Dr. Peter Ken Walker enthusiastically presented his first hand experience of the need (Carriott Shongwe's story) and gave an extremely interesting review of projects and funds generated.  In answering questions as to the approximate funds that is raised over the first 10 years of an average chapter through it's projects, it would be, perhaps $10,000.  A chapter such as the Christian Literature for Africa (CLA) in Fort Wayne, IN, (through a second decade) 20 years has extended to 1.5 million or more. I believe God would wish us to do even more than that.


¢    Participation project interest cards were discriminated.
¢    Membership envelopes and membership cards were available.
¢    People indicated an interest in responding to the challenge
¢    Linda Swartz gave a mini Christian Concert and she was applauded for the concert.

¢    Two new people of possible interest were suggested and other people are asked to suggest additional names.

¢    Dr. Walker appointed Hilbert Miller as the Chapter Managing Partner.  He also indicated the need for a secretary, treasurer (to convey locally given money and membership fees) and a Managing board to work out details of organization and to prioritize fund raising projects.  This should be done as soon as possible in view of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Holiday season.
¢    Rev Hilbert Miller requested volunteers for secretary, treasurer and managing board.
¢    Rev. Tom Weller gave the benediction.

Gratitude:  We are grateful for Menno Haven for providing the room, setup, decor, piano, notepads, envelopes, pens, kitchen utensils and their kitchen/dining room help.  Thank you ladies and Menno Haven.

I wish to especially note and thank local people such as Luke Embree (away in India), Bill Patzer (other commitments), Linda Swartz, Tom Weller, Phyllis Westerfield and  (present) for their interest in and suggestions about conducting the 15 Nov. event. A host of other people also gave various types of input into our event. I am grateful for planning and electronic document assistance for the program, cards and chapter web site set up Mr Frank Ruckman from Nashville, TN and Peter "Ken" Walker for the provision of the Three (3)T and EDUFoundation fliers.  All of these people and others helped make our meeting an immense success.  Thank you again and again and again.

Time, Talents and Treasure

Thanks!  We Request the Completed Card You Received at the Event or A Verbal Response)

"Big things can happen through a big God inspired vision and the dedication of His people all combined.

EDUFoundation 3-T Projects FIRST EVENT RESPONSE: Thank you, thank you for attendance and other help with the first event.   We request a card, envelope and/or a verbal response from all who participated in our first event.  Other contacts have been made personally.  Please, may I depend upon both groups to participate by completing the card and envelope from the Pennsylvania Chapter (EDUF) and return it to me early or by Sunday 9th Dec.  Please place it in my church mailbox or hand it by hand.  We would appreciate the card and envelope response, even if, you feel you are unable to participate in future events, all card and envelope information will be helpful.  If you are unable to attend a service on that date, please mail it to me at 875 B Menno Village, Chambersburg, PA.

GRATITUDE: Again, I wish to thank all the fine interested friends who responded either by attending our first historic event or by saying they would like to have come and were unable to do so.  Your interest is sincerely appreciated. I trust that many, if not all, of you will respond by participating in one of, or in a number of ways.

HOW MAY I HELP?  YOU MAY HELP BY: 1. volunteering for office, 2. suggesting projects, 3. specifying a suggested project interest, 4. becoming a project leader, 5. participating in a project becoming a member, 6. approaching your friend for us, 7. giving a gift, 8. joining a work team on an African College or African University campus (either of another chapter or forming our own chapter work team.) where EDUF scholarships are being awarded 9. being an ideas person serving wherever, 10. doing our periodic news letter. Or,  11. All kingdom work advances through prayer.  Won't you pray regularly for the foundation? 12. just becoming an encourager and booster  (just be our friend “ how we need friends!).  

FOUNDING ENDEAVORS: All worthy Christian endeavors start small and grow from years of dedicated service.  God, directing us in His will, we shall do the same with the EDUFoundation 3-T Projects in PA.    I God has spoken to me today saying my initial vision was too small and that I must think of greater things.  But, that is a subject for future communication.

LET US CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK:  Now may I count on you as Paul, the Apostle did, to continue the good work that is in you.  We welcome suggestions on the timing and subject presentation for our next meeting. Please call me if you would participate in selecting an ideal time between now and Christmas or early in the New Year (2013).  We urgently need to form a guiding committee and select an initial project launch soon.  Projects of this nature could come about quickly, but usually they require some months in the planning stage. We want to launch a first project soon.
CORRELARY PROJECT: I request that you bring any extra or unneeded English, European or African Language Bibles and Christian Books* to me or deposit in a Bible Collection box at your congregation.  
EDUFoundation managing partner, Hilbert Miller


(Please indicate which type of proiect/s might best interest you
and indicate the level of interest using 1-5 as a scale comment if
in the space if you wish to do so)   Please send more Info. (yes/no)

1.  Fund Raising Dinner_________________________________

2   Yard/garage selection/sale____________________________

3.  Internet/ Social Media appeals_________________________

4.  Building/remodeling work____________________________

5.  Building/purchase/sale_______________________________

6.  Direct Marketing Projects_____________________________

7.  Solicitation From Secular Biz__________________________

8.  Regular Financial Giving_____________________________

9.  Other suggested project_______________________________

10.  Second suggested project_____________________________

Would you serve as project leader (y/n) ______ Type Office e.g.

Sect., Treas, Contact, Transport,  Committee Member, Other  _____

I suggest (person who) might like this.(name)__________________


 I will contact the above person, Y/N_____

 I suggest a partner contact the person,  Y?N_____    



EDUFoundation “ Missions Projects
    (3T)Time, Talents & Treasure
    An Interdenominational Chapter
    Hilbert Miller Chapter Partner
    875 B Menno Vlg., 717 2563 9488
    Chambersburg, PA 17201

This is a Monetary Free Event:. No gifts are
being solicited, but if you wish to participate
by membership or through Time or Talent,
please respond below.  If you do desire
to contribute money, it will be appreciated.


   Membership Sing. $25 0r Coup. $40_______

   Unspecified cash/pledge    $_____________

    Time Desire             _______________

     Project Type             _______________

Name: if receipt or for membership _________


Address: ______________________________

Below, please write us a response of any type.


     Our gratitude to and God's blessings on you.