February, 2008 AFRICA NEWS From Filimao Chambo (Tshambe), Coordinator
I trust that you are all doing well. My family and I are fine. The work of the Lord in Africa is going very well. I have prepared an update of the last months activities to share with EDUF friends that visited Africa in 2007 and maybe other partners whom you think might be interested to hear from Africa. My goal in sharing this is to have more people praying for me and for the education team in Africa. Thank you, Fili
Greetings in Jesus Name!
Recently I visited three educational providers in Africa, with IBOE team to consult/prepare the institutions for Self Study/Quality Review. Dr. Jerry Lambert, Commissioner of Education appointed a consulting team led by Dr. Mike Vail and consisting of Dr. Rod Reed (ANU), Dr. Frank Moore (MNU) and Rev. Filimao Chambo (Africa REC) as official observer. The team met with educators and administrators for both residential and extension program. The topic of discussions centered on preparing a self-study report and preparing for the Quality Review Site-visit.
1. NTCCA, Malawi
I know that most of you have been praying for the school in Malawi. The Scotts are doing a wonderful job of leading the institution to a new level. This institution has gone through so many changes in a short period of time. Rev. Jon Scott is the third principal in 3 years. Thus, he needs our prayers and support. Those of you who visited the school last year you will recall some of the challenges that led to these changes in leadership.  I think that there is a lot of work to be done yet to bring the institution to a good working/studying environment. But you will be interested to hear that I sensed that God's sanctifying grace is at work; there are signs of great revival taking place, especially amongst the first and second year students. Let us continue to pray for Jon and Margaret as they lead the team at NTCCA, Malawi.
NTCCA, is currently working with ANU on a possibility of opening an extension center of ANU (Department of Religion) in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Thus, self study and consultation meetings with various groups on the field are crucial at this stage. I would ask that we keep Dr. Margaret Scott in our prayers as she will be leading this process.  I am hoping that the self study documents and the quality review reports will  guide  the board of trustees of NTCCA, church leaders on the field and region as well as ANU to make informed decision on this matter. We need to be sure of the viability of this project before we embark on it.

2. CLI, Ethiopia.

The Creative Leadership Institute is a decentralized educational program in Horn of Africa with an enrollment of 1,880 students during the current year. CLI has signed an articulation agreement with Africa Nazarene University which allows advanced placement for qualified CLI graduates in the B.Th. program at the University. I think that the decentralized program in Horn of Africa is meeting the needs of the people in that context. The church is expanding rapidly in Horn of Africa, therefore creativeness in designing programs that will produce pastors and other church leaders in a short space of time is very important.

Horn of Africa is investing in training leaders and teachers for CLI. They have designed a train the teachers program to equip instructors/teachers for ministerial training for all the extension centers on the field. All those who teach at the extension education are certified by CLI, after completing 60 credit hours of a particular subject.  CLI, Ethiopia in the past was the only  field location (hub) where teacher were trained for the entire field. However, it has become necessary now to decentralize CLI in the Sudan (so now all trainers of teachers for Sudan are trained in Juba, Sudan). There is a possibility of opening a 3rd center in the near future, to serve the eastern Horn of Africa. Besides these who are trained at the location here mentioned, the field is also investing in training some of the leaders at ANU, Nairobi and NBC, Colorado Springs (Online Program). There is an intentional faculty and leadership program for the development of the work of the church in HOA. I would ask that we keep Rev. Terry Barker and his team in our prayers. Let us pray for those who are being equipped to teach pastors. Pray for those who will be working on self study documents for CLI, they will need time and wisdom to do this; most of them are already busy with multiple tasks, so this will be a challenge. Please pray that this process will not in anyway hinder the growth of the church in HOA, but rather it will strengthen what is already being done.  As you think and pray for  faculty development program in HOA, I would ask that you pray for the entire region; identification and development of faculty is a great need on the region.

3. IBN (Institute Biblique Nazareen)

The IBN (Nazarene Bible Institute) has been established primarily to respond to the need of Theological Education for French Speaking leaders. IBN is a decentralized program with three administrative hubs: Africa French Equatorial Continental (Kigali, Rwanda), Africa French Equatorial Indian Ocean (Madagascar) and Africa West Field (Bénin). Dr. Matt Price is the director of this educational provider.
What is unique of IBN is the fact that it serves two fields (French Equatorial and West Field). There have been so many leadership changes on both fields and this has in someways prevented a smooth development of IBN. In the recent meeting both Field Strategy Coordinators were present and expressed their desire to see IBN develop and function in a more professional way. IBN has been slow in producing candidates for ordination in the church. There is a need for teachers for the extension centers.  Library development is also a challenge that we face.
In this consultation meetings it was recommend that we form an interim board of governance to address the current challenges of IBN and to discuss how is the self study going to be done since the program was designed for two fields.  The board will be meeting in Johannesburg on March 18 -19, 2008. Please pray that God will give us wisdom to respond positively to the needs of the people in French speaking countries in Africa. Pray that potential teachers will be identified and trained, let us pray that we will find resources for the library (French). Pray for those who are translating English resources to French (resources from Wesleyan background).
I also visited Swaziland Last week. The purpose of the visit was to be part of the workshop on board development. This was the first meeting of the Board of Governance of NAHEC (Nazarene Higher Education Consortium):
NAHEC, Swaziland
The board members for NAHEC were elected in October last year at the district assemblies. IBOE agreed to sponsor board development workshop for NAHEC. Dr. Kent Brower, from NTC Manchester, facilitated the induction process of this board. I am thankful that they were given an opportunity to learn about their responsibilities. This are exciting days in Africa! Please continue to pray for Dr. Winnie Hlengetwa, rector of NAHEC, pray for the principals of NCT, NCN and NTTC as well as for the board of governance. The next meeting is scheduled for August 2008. Let us continue to pray for the development of NAHEC in Swaziland.
Finally, I would like to express gratitude to EDUF partners for your prayers and all the support that you are giving to education in Africa. In the year 2007 we received so much from you towards scholarships and institutional development. Thank you so much for investing in the work of the Lord in Africa.
Please continue to pray for me and the education team in Africa. I need God's wisdom and grace each and everyday.
One of my goals this year is to have one thousand prayer partners who will pray daily for me and education work in Africa. I need your prayers.
I appreciate you partnering with us by praying for the work of the Lord in Africa.
Thank you
Filimao Chambo (Tshambe), Coordinator
Nazarene Education and Discipleship
Africa Region
"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another." John 1:16