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Here are some issues that should send us to a place of prayer.  Please send your praises or prayer requests to:

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests for Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa:

1. The Lord's direction and provision in the financial crisis that we are in due to the critical financial situation in Malawi because of almost run away inflation.

2. That more young people will be called to serve and see the need for a theological education through NTCCA on the districts and the district leaders see the need to support financial and to encourage young people to come to NTCCA. 

Prayer requests for Africa Nazarene University:

1. Sufficient computers in computer lab facilities for all our campuses
2. State of the Art facilities to support our Mass Communication Program
3. Enlarged and better equipped facilities for our Institute for Open and Distance Learning
4. Effective Spiritual and Character formation in all programs, all centers and campuses and all modes of delivery
5. The hiring of highly qualified faculty and staff who share ANU's vision and mission.
Prayer requests for Nazarene Theological College:
1. The success of the NTC -Manchester / NTC-RSA, Masters pilot project.
2. Resources for the renovation of duning kitchen roof, library floor.
3. Ability to transform our students into African Christlike leaders of the 21th century, true to God and relevant to their times and constituacy.

Prayer requests for Southern Africa Nazarene University:

1. God has answered our prayers by providing three key leaders in the Administration of SANU. Dr Bonga S Nkosi has joined SANU as Pro Vice Chancellor Administration; Mr Stanley Ngqwane , Registrar and Mr Petros Mavuso who is the Marketing Manager. These are exciting days at SANU. We praise God for that.

2. That God will not fail us as we continue to ask for the right calibre financial manager and Pro Vice Chancellor Academic.

We have a number of challenges at SANU because growth in student enrolment. There is a burning need for science laboratories and urgent need to renovate the Faculty of Theology Library and the Stone Church.

Prayer requests for Nazarene Bible College of East Africa:

We continue to witness the hand God every day at the Nazarene Bible College of East Africa. Please join us in prayers for the following urgent needs:
1. Personnel - Registrar/ Academic Dean and Librarian
2. Funds to develop prayer center, computer lab, and adult education program for our semi-literate pastors.

Prayer requests for Maputo, Nazarene Seminary in Mozambique:

1.Pray for the leadership of our Seminary mainly on isse, related to the future Director;
2.Pray so that we may get financial resources to contract (employ) more teachers for our Seminary;
3.Pray for us to find resources to add more books in our library;



Other prayer needs:

Tom Pounds, in Belize, mother of 90 years, fell and broke her neck. Obviously, Tom and his wife Sharon are very busy caring for Tom's mother.