3 T Projects


EDUF 3T Projects are organized and promoted by the Africa Education Partnership Chapters and others for the purpose of generating resources for the education and development of national leaders in the developing countries of Africa.  These resources may be used for specific scholarships,  scholarship endowments and other related projects that encourage national leadership development.

3T refers to TIME, TALENT and TREASURE that are donated by dedicated people who want to become a part of a project that would generate resources as a result of their Triple T contributions.  A Triple T partner may use time, talent and treasure or one or two of the three.  But most likely they would use some combination of all three.

3T partners use their time, talent (trained abilities) and treasure on a given project at their own expense donating their labor and involvement.  3T partners may work alone or in teams.  These teams may be organized by anyone or any organization, i.e. church, district family, etc.  Anyone can be a 3T partner.

TIME may be donated during vacations, weekends, evenings or whenever the partner is available.

TALENT (trained abilities) needed in various projects include building contractors and artisans (carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, roofers,
brick layers, tillers, heating and air conditioning, landscapers, etc.), real estate
agents, lawyers, tax consultants, artists and many others depending on the project.

TREASURE may be donated in labor, cash or in kind (land, homes, cars, boat and other items that may be sold (all of which may be tax deductible).

Someone Did…

Rev Aubrey Ponce, Sr. and his wife Alma visited Swaziland.  While there they became involved in preaching and teaching pastors during their three week stay.  God began to speak to them about the need for scholarships for training pastors.  They began searching for ways to provide some of these scholarships.

They had been retired for several years and decided that they could donate the funds they had invested in CDs as they would mature.  The decision was made to establish a scholarship Endowment with the proceeds.

Not so long after that they decided that they would donate their home to this endowment after their death.  Their children honored their wish and Aubrey Ponce, Jr , their elder son says it this way,

“My dad and mom gave their home to set up a scholarship endowment for Africa.  They  believed it was the BEST investment they could
leave behind.  It will work until Jesus comes. I  believe God said, ‘mission accomplished’.”

How Does It Work?

Here is a typical scenario.  An individual, family, church or another group feels compelled to donate a piece of land to the Education Development United (EDU) Foundation.  The land is officially received and titled to EDUF. A group of 3T partners decide to make an application to EDUF to construct a building on this land in order to generate reserves for a scholarship endowment.  The application is submitted to the board and EDUF evaluates it for approval.  The 3T partners are notified of the approval and a relationship is established between the 3T partners and EDUF.  A system of funding is worked out between 3T partners and EDUF, if needed.  In some cases, an individual 3T partner or group will not need financial support in building the project.  In other cases, assistance is needed and available.

In this case, the 3T partners have decided to build a residential dwelling.  The building plans are approved by EDUF as part of the application process.  A contract is signed between EDUF and the 3T partners outlining the conditions of the contract.  These conditions include the need to adhere to all local building permits and codes, the use of quality workmanship, etc.  It will be the responsibility of EDUF to review project applications carefully, seek professional advice (other 3T partners) when necessary and carefully monitor each project approved.

When the 3T Project is completed it is sold at the “fair market value” price and the reserves used for the establishment of an educational scholarship endowment.

Obviously, more reserves will be produced as the cost of the project is minimized.  It is envisioned that most of the labor will be donated by 3T partners (in this case building artisans). The realtor’s fee may be donated by another 3T partner.  In this case the land was donated by another 3T partner.  In some cases building materials may be also donated by 3T partners or others.  In the end the reserves generated will equal the collective effort of all 3T partners involved in this 3T Project.

The 3T partners of this project may want to “name” the scholarship endowment that will be established because of their collective efforts.

This 3T Project could be located anywhere in the USA and 3T partners could come from anywhere in the USA to become a part of it.  However, it is envisioned that most 3T Projects will be done within a reasonably traveled geographical location.

Other 3T Projects

     There is no limit to the kinds of 3T projects that can be undertaken in order to generate reserves to meet the needs of education and leadership development in Africa and around the world.  A small business could be established by 3T partners, an art auction could be held by 3T partners and even yard sales could be used by 3T partners to generate reserves.  EDUF is open to any kind of projects offered by 3T partners that will assist in meeting the mission.

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