Library Development

We can build libraries in several ways...

First, we can gather books and send them to Africa through the CLA chapter in Indiana. The regional education coordinator asks that books intended for the institutional libraries not be older than 1980, unless they are classics (Wyncoop, Wesley, etc.).

Second, we can work to have books and resources uploaded to the Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library. If we have written course materials, papers,or speeches, they can be made available through this digital library. The library is always looking for materials in any language. This would be a wonderful way to provide for the franophone and lusophone students.

Third, we can ask current authors we know if they would be willing to donate 10 books to Africa for the institutional libraries. These can be donated when missionaries come through your area, through CLA or at General Assemblies or other gatherings.

Fourth, we can support the librarians through training and professional development.